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Custom Car Care


Professional Automotive Detailing Services

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Recreational Vehicles and more.

Over 30 years Professional Experience

Highest Quality Services

Fresh New Car Feel

with Every Detail!

Our Services

Give your care that shiny look it had when you first bought it. We use non-silicone and high quality products to take care of your car. Your satisfaction is our job!



A clay bar cleans the paint surface and removes contaminates such as sap or pollution, leaving your paint silky smooth. Next a protective wax coating to leave your vehicle with a slick silky shine. 


Pro Touch Auto Detailing can polish and buff your vehicle's paint to a smooth silky shine. We use only high quality polishes and waxes to create that show car look you desire.


Diamond Plate Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.

Guaranteed protection for your vehicles exterior


Dim headlights could be safety risks and could be restored to increase visibility.  A headlight restoration could improve visibility by approximately 140 percent.


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